Welcome to Dausan
Farm & Market

Prominent leader in the animal farming business

With years of experience, we have become prominent leader in the animal farming business; specializing in raise sheep, cows and goats the best way possible, , grazing out in the fields, production and trading of animal feed and essential human food in Johannesburg, South Africa


Did you know?? We have been highly rated the best animal farming in the business.

Dausan Farm and Market  is a semi-intensive homesteading farm with a passion for sustainable agriculture. Our aim is to connect the local community to the food systems that they are a part of what we do to provide good quality farm produces by using…

Our Family run business does not consider ourselves as a “factory farm”. Every day, we take a hands-on approach to taking care of our animals.


We provide the highest quality of animals.

Dausan Farm and Market specializes in breeding Lohmann brown and Hyline white, Broiler chicken, which are mostly free range. And we breed Boer Goats, Kalahari Red goats, Brahman Cattle and Sheep. We sell meat and layer chickens as well as a selection of table eggs and fertile eggs.


Dausan Farm and Market is located along the M26 (R511 and R55) between Pretoria west and Sandton, within an area known as Gherardsville .