Prominent leader in the animal farming business

Dausan Farm and Market specializes in breeding Lohmann brown and Hyline white, Broiler chicken, which are mostly free range.

And we breed Boer Goats, Kalahari Red goats, Brahman Cattle and Sheep. We sell meat and layer chickens as well as a selection of table eggs and fertile eggs. Our chickens are never given growth hormones, antibiotics, or medications.

We enjoy the lifestyle that farming has provided for our family. But, one of the greatest gifts that we’ve been given is the community that we’ve received with our customers. They know us. They know our farm. And in turn, we’ve gotten to know them.

Our aim is to connect the local community to the food systems that they are a part of what we do to provide good quality farm produces by using farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities. Some of our best practices include crop rotation, recycling (using crop waste and animal manure as fertilizer) and managed grazing. Growing our Animal feeds through Hydroponics Systems.